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Brandon Gumm4/2/24 8:00 AM

Qwally Unveils Enhanced Business Engagement Platform and New Brand

Transforming Business Engagement for More Vibrant Communities

Qwally, a leading provider of business support solutions across the country, is excited to announce the launch of its new brand identity and the all-new Qwally Business Engagement Platform. Marking a significant milestone in Qwally’s commitment to strengthening vibrant business communities, Qwally Platform is set up for better, faster, and smarter business engagement for government and business support organizations. Designed with entrepreneurship and small business at its center, the new Platform reflects the goals and vision of the team and technology.

Qwally’s direction is a result of its team’s dedication to lifting up entrepreneurship and small businesses as the driving force behind inclusive economic growth. The company aims to equip governments and business support organizations with powerful business engagement software that centers support around emerging, small, and disadvantaged businesses. 

The new Qwally Business Engagement Platform streamlines support across every step of the entrepreneurial journey, like starting a business, growing a business, working with government, and accessing capital. By providing intuitive tools for intake, wayfinding, workflow management, and administrative assistance, Qwally Platform improves the effectiveness and efficiency of each business interaction. Qwally customers enjoy seamless oversight as businesses match with curated guidance, complete forms, answer surveys, match with service providers, and request assistance all from a single login. 

"The most vibrant communities of tomorrow will be those that provide entrepreneurs with instant access to clear objectives and reliable information,” says Chris Offensend, Founder and CEO at Qwally. “Qwally Platform makes it easy for our customers to help their business communities by simplifying complex processes. We are transforming business engagement from a transactional experience into a relational one, where our customers can see each entrepreneur’s history and future.”

Along with the new platform, Qwally has also updated its brand to elevate its mission to bring more opportunities to entrepreneurs and small business owners of all backgrounds. The new brand was developed in collaboration with BLDG Brands, a Kentucky-based small business design and art studio. "With Qwally, it was clear from the start that their mission wasn't just about technology, but about building a supportive community for entrepreneurs,” says Andy Cluxton, Director of Communication Strategy at BLDG Brands. "Qwally's reach is extensive, from local governments to non-profits. We needed a brand that felt inviting to all, while still showcasing the platform's expertise and trustworthiness.”

The launch of the new brand coincides with their all-new business engagement platform, both of which were done to mark a new chapter in the startup’s journey. 

Qwally got its start in 2019 by developing its first supplier diversity solution for the City of Mobile, Alabama’s Supplier Diversity Office. The launch proved so successful that the City’s Chamber of Commerce followed suit, launching its own solution with Qwally the following year. With the COVID lockdown in 2020, Qwally marked a major milestone by securing a long-term partnership agreement with the City of Kansas City, MO to modernize its business assistance in the wake of the pandemic. All three solutions are still live and migrating to the new Qwally Business Engagement Platform this year with expanded functionality.

The company views its role in the industry as a partner to governments and organizations that are embracing entrepreneurship-led economic development initiatives. Research shows that while new and young businesses create the vast majority of net job growth,1 “79 percent of startup entrepreneurs say they had no support from government to launch their companies and 60 percent believe that government doesn't care about businesses like theirs.” 2 Additionally, 20 percent of businesses fail within the first year of operation largely due to capital constraints.3 Qwally aims to reverse these trends, ensuring organizations are equipped with tools that add value to entrepreneurs at every step of their journey.

“If entrepreneurs are the engine running the economy, then governments and support organizations are trying to add fuel, and Qwally is providing the oil,” said Brandon Gumm, VP of Revenue at Qwally. “We all must work together to strengthen our local economies, and we are dedicated to developing accessible, inclusive software that works first and foremost for the most vulnerable among us wanting to start and manage their own businesses.”

Key features of the Qwally Business Engagement Platform include:

  • An inviting business portal, welcoming businesses to engage through an approachable, digital front door
  • Curated guidance for starting, maintaining, and growing a business
  • Configurable workflow management for applications, surveys, grants, zoning, permitting, and certifications
  • Automated lead capture and referrals for Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) and business support teams
  • Opportunity matchmaking for accessing government assistance, ecosystem resources, and service providers
  • Enhanced tracking and analytics capabilities through dashboards



About Qwally

Qwally is an industry-leading developer of business engagement software for government and support organizations. Qwally envisions a world where everybody has opportunities to plan and create their economic futures. Its mission is to expand equitable opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners of all backgrounds. 

To learn more about Qwally and their new business engagement platform, visit, follow them on LinkedIn, or subscribe to their newsletter.


Brandon Gumm

Brandon leads sales, marketing, and customer success at Qwally, an industry-leading developer of business engagement software for local governments and support organizations. If you are a local government or support organization working with entrepreneurs and small businesses, please reach out!