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Qwally enables more wonderfully vibrant business communities through an approachable platform. We were founded on the idea that it should be easier for governments and support organizations to work with their business communities. That idea thrust us to the forefront of innovation in business engagement software. Our approach is inclusive, human-centered, and tailored to the unique needs of public sector organizations, non-profits, and the business communities they serve. Our team is our greatest asset. We are highly skilled software developers and customer service professionals deeply committed to expanding economic opportunities in the communities we serve.

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Our north star.

We envision a world where everybody has opportunities to plan and create their economic futures. Our mission is to expand equitable opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners of all backgrounds. We do that by providing government and support organizations with simple, accessible tools that scale support while helping small businesses succeed.

What we value.



Valuing and reflecting the diversity and unique contributions of the communities we serve, fostering a trusting, open, and supportive environment.


Being ethically consistent, honest, and inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words, and taking responsibility for our actions. 


Never losing sight of the fact that people are our customers, end users, and those who benefit from the products and services we create.

Care for Community

Believing that healthy, thriving communities are fundamental to a strong civic society. 


Relishing the joy inherent to solving problems and facilitating positive change for the communities we belong to and serve.

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Our network for expanding the mission.

Qwally isn’t the only organization with a mission that supports local entrepreneurs and businesses. Technology is just one piece of the puzzle. Please consider asking about out network and the tools, information, and resources they can offer to support your work with entrepreneurs and small businesses.


Say hello to your community's full potential.

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