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Brandon Gumm3/14/24 1:08 PM

Qwally Gains Traction in Denver Region with Colorado Smart Cities Win

Commerce City joins Golden and Jefferson County EDC to enhance business engagement.

Qwally, a pioneering business engagement software startup based in Golden, Colorado, is making significant strides in the Denver region, as highlighted in a recent article by COLORADO INNO. The startup's innovative approach to facilitating smoother interactions between governments, economic development entities, and local businesses has recently garnered attention and acclaim through its collaboration with the City of Commerce City. This partnership was established after Qwally's standout performance in the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance's Colorado Connected Challenge (C² Challenge), a testament to the company's commitment to fostering accessibility in business engagement through technology.

The C² Challenge, known for its open-ended innovation process in government procurement, invites business and academic innovators to propose novel solutions to community-specific issues. From a competitive pool of 75 proposals, Qwally emerged as one of the seven winners, distinguishing itself among 35 finalists and 28 solution providers. This achievement underscores Qwally's momentum with Colorado communities to streamline business support and offer more solutions to entrepreneurs and emerging businesses.

Qwally's recent ventures, including the creation of the Golden B2B platform in partnership with the City of Golden and the development of JeffCo EDC’s BizHub with Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation, showcase the startup's ability to streamline access to necessary resources for new and growing businesses. These platforms not only save time for the public and private sectors but also enhance customer service for the business community.

With projects that span across aiding Latinx businesses through bilingual support and new business retention and expansion programs, Qwally's reach and impact continue to grow. The upcoming platform in Commerce City, anticipated to launch this spring, is expected to further establish Qwally's role in supporting business development and economic growth in the Denver region.

Founded in 2019 by CEO Chris Offensend, Qwally originated to alleviate the complexities in navigating government certification, procurement, and business regulations. By bridging the gap between cities, support organizations, and businesses, Qwally is not just simplifying processes but is actively contributing to the economic fabric of communities across Colorado.

As Qwally continues to expand its footprint in the Denver region and beyond, the startup remains dedicated to its mission of making business easier and more accessible for all. Through innovative partnerships and platforms, Qwally is set to play a crucial role in the Denver region's economic development, proving that starting and growing a business can be a seamless experience with the right tools and collaborations.


Brandon Gumm

Brandon leads sales, marketing, and customer success at Qwally, an industry-leading developer of business engagement software for local governments and support organizations. If you are a local government or support organization working with entrepreneurs and small businesses, please reach out!