Solutions for
Local Government

Get small businesses the information they need to succeed.

Streamlined questionnaires help businesses identify exactly what they need, with step-by-step guides tailored to different industries.

Accelerate the certification process.

Streamlined, digital DBE, MBE and WBE certification helps eliminate repetitive paperwork requests and improves communication between businesses and the city.

Improve outreach to small businesses.

Keep small businesses engaged with automated key task reminders, invitations to community events, and information about helpful resources.

Easily find local vendors.

Easy-to-use public-facing vendor directories allow staff, buyers and prime contractors to quickly find local businesses by keyword, industry code, location or certification type.

Streamline information management.

Centralized online portal allows city staff to manage forms and applications in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Track relationships between small businesses and the city.

Business profiles help city staff view a business’s capabilities, certifications, references, past performance and previous interactions.

Help small businesses maintain compliance.

Plain language explanations of city, state, and federal requirements make it easy for small businesses to complete tasks and stay compliant. Saveable progress and optional notifications help businesses track expiring registrations and licenses.

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