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Qwally launches new platform for Boston area diverse business networking group

Qwally, a web-platform to support small business, launched the GK Market in partnership with Get Konnected, Boston’s largest networking organization focused on diversity and inclusion.

The platform will help Get Konnected showcase minority businesses, allow small businesses to create a digital profile, and make it easier for Massachusetts residents to find opportunities to buy local.

“Get Konnected’s new digital marketplace is an incredible tool that will increase the visibility of local black and brown businesses, allowing our businesses to be more accessible to the public,” Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said in a statement.

The launch of the GK Market marks Qwally’s first foray into the Boston business ecosystem, as well as the company’s first partnership with a networking organization. The launch also highlights powerful new features of the Qwally platform including a business search tool.

Qwally also works with state and local governments to build a more inclusive digital landscape through online small business and supplier diversity programs. The platform offers self-serve tools to help small businesses connect with city programs, and navigate complex processes. The GK Market will be a critical tool in helping the City of Boston provide support to small businesses.

Get Konnected founder Collette Phillips said the platform gives the networking group’s members opportunities it didn’t have before.

“This marketplace will give companies a real opportunity and I am glad to be able to leverage the technology of the Qwally team,” Phillipps said.

Mayor Walsh also emphasized how the platform aligns with Boston’s small business support strategy.

“The GK Market is an important Equity Tool, and we are proud to support it,” Walsh said. “We want to make sure that companies who don’t have a web-presence, can get a web -presence” adding, “we are trying to help small companies who have never used digital platforms before, access these tools.”

Massachusetts Secretary of Housing and Economic Development, Michael Kennealy, also expressed his enthusiasm for the GK Market saying, "This is a game changer. To have this collection of companies aggregated this way, and that it’s easy to search … it’s a true marketplace."

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