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Qwally supports inclusive procurement, entrepreneurship with expansion to new cities

Qwally, a software platform for cities to provide support to small businesses, has launched in a handful of new cities across the U.S.

The platform, which has expanded to serve three additional cities since its launch in February 2020, focuses on improving supplier diversity and promoting inclusive entrepreneurship in city small business ecosystems.

The cities are: Wichita, Kansas Brookline, Mass. Manor, Texas

In Wichita, the city turned to Qwally to improve the certification process for underrepresented businesses. The city will use the platform to allow entrepreneurs to register for bid opportunities through the procurement department, as well as access other small business support resources from the city.

“Qwally, through its partnership with the City of Wichita, provides a new and innovative platform to local small businesses looking to expand into government contracting and access area resource partners,” Wichita Vice Mayor Brandon Johnson said in a statement. “This platform expands on the city’s current emerging and disadvantaged business efforts to reduce red tape and make this community and vendor base more inclusive.”

Brookline, Massachusetts, a town serving 60,000, set out to improve its outreach to more women and minority-owned small businesses. The town will use Qwally to forge better connections between Brookline and the area's small business community. Using the platform, the town aims to improve engagement, track outcomes and improve accessibility for small businesses. Inclusive entrepreneurship and small business growth are two key goals for the City of Manor, Texas, located in the central region of the state. The city will use Qwally’s platform to help businesses in the city navigate processes, access help and connect with organizations, like the local Chamber of Commerce or the federal Small Business Administration.

“We are thrilled with this opportunity to collaborate with like-minded cities and towns. Wichita, Brookline, and Manor are committed to improving opportunities for women and minority small business owners Commented Co-Founder, Matt Cody. We are eager to see what new possibilities emerge from these partnerships.”

Qwally’s work with Wichita and Manor are part of a matching effort through the CivStart GovTech accelerator program. The program, which Qwally joined in 2020, matches cities to startups seeking to promote inclusive procurement and entrepreneurship. The accelerator is backed by the National League of Cities, which focuses on identifying promising solutions to help cities support equitable economic growth.

Anthony Jamison, CEO of CivStart, offered these comments: "Working with local governments, we've seen the real need during COVID and beyond for solutions like Qwally's that streamlines the way local entrepreneurs can build and sustain their businesses. Qwally is seeing such success because they really are the best product out there for local governments to do this easily, affordably, and equitably."

The expansion of Qwally’s platform into these cities builds on their work underway with Kansas City, Mo., and Mobile, Ala. Since launching in January 2021 and February 2020, respectively, Qwally has worked with the cities to improve the digital experience for small businesses and city staff by expanding features and offering additional support to the community.

About Qwally
Qwally is a user-friendly, cloud-based software platform that provides self-serve tools to help small businesses connect with city programs and navigate complex processes. The company has participated in City Innovate’s Startup in Residence Program, the 2019 MassChallenge Boston accelerator program and is currently part of the CivStart GovTech accelerator.

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